Sunday, February 26, 2006

Queen Reese Takes the Gold (at The Cinematheque) !!

No real surprise here. Reese Witherspoon takes the Best Actress prize from you - the voting public. In Part 3 of our Oscar Poll, Witherspoon takes 50% of the votes (which is only 7 votes in our ever-weakening poll results). Coming in second was Keira Knightly with 36% (or 5 votes). Third goes to Dame Judi Dench with 14% (or 2 votes). Both Felicity Huffman and Charlize Theron went voteless in the round. Up now is Part 4 of our Oscar Poll (Best Actor), so get over there and vote now. Part 5 (Best Picture, sorry Directors, I'm skipping you this year due to a late start) will be posted on Wednesday night, so vote here while you still can. And remember, my final Oscar Predix will be posted sometime on Sunday afternoon (along with some other local Film Snobs) and I'll be back here (and on my Oscar Pages) with commentary on the Awards Night. Until then (except for putting up Part 5 of the Poll) I'll probably be in communicato. And rember VOTE VOTE VOTE !!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Jake Gyllenhaal takes Best Supporting Actor, easily, over the Competition !!

Okay, so we only had fourteen votes this time around (meanwhile Nate over at Film Experience had nearly 1000 votes for a poll that had the same amount of airtime - what the fuck!?). Anyway, here are the results, for what they're worth.

Jake Gyllenhaal won the round with six votes (or 43%). George Clooney came in second with three votes (or 21%). Both William Hurt and Paul Giamatti recieved two votes (or 14%) and Matt Dillon (somewhat surprisingly) brings up the rear with just one vote (or 7%).

Of course, with such a low vote total (due to, I can only imagine, hardly anyone out there giving a shit about my site - which is odd, considering I have many people "claiming" they regularly view my site) the results cannot be thought of as anywhere close to conclusive, but there they are anyway.

Part 3 of the Oscar Poll - "Who SHOULD Win Best Actress?" is up right now, so get over there and vote. Meanwhile congrats to Jake on his "win".

A Sad Time for US Cinema (even w/ The Oscars coming soon)

To those of you out there that regularly read my site ( - if there are any of you (read my belly-achin' a few posts below) - I apologize (again) for my lack of much new upon the site lately. My mind has been elsewhere + this is the time of year that everyone is so obsessed about the Oscars (myself included), there isn't much time left for other cinematatic pursuits - even the studios put out their "junk" during this time of the year. How else can you explain Date Movie. But then the film is in second place currently at the box office. Which brings me to the (sad) fact that I will take myself to see this film. Their is a masochistic streak in me that makes me - against better judgement - seek out films such as this one. Call it a sociological experiement if you will (and Nate did), but I need to see it. I cannot help myself. It's horrible, and I am sure the film itself will be too. Why, oh why do so many of the commoners flock to films like this (and many others like it - i.e. Scary Movie) and more importantly, why do so many people like them ??? It may have something to do with the dumbing down of America (and the World), or it may just be one of those unanswerable ponderments that will never be solved. But alas, I will see it (probably Thursday evening), and I'm sure I'll despise it thoroughly too. At least I can take the punch and save my sweet Doodlebug from harm coming to her. I can say, I'll see it, while she's listening to Toni Morrison speak nearby, so she won't have to - not that she would (she's much smarter than I after all). Anyway, I'm going back to The Olympics now. I'll be back in an hour or two to release the results of Oscar Poll #2 (Will Jake keep his lead at the end, or can Clooney reach him in time?).

Only a few hours left...

Only a few more hours left on The Oscar Poll - Part 2 (Best Supporting Actor). Jake is running away with it as of right now, but who knows how it shall end - but only if you vote, will it matter, so get out there and vote people. The Best Actress portion will follow in Part 3 later tonight.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Is anyone out there ???

The Oscar Poll over at The Cinematheque is going even more poorly than I expected. Part one of the Poll ("Who SHOULD win Best Supporting Actress?") had only 20 responses. So far in Part 2 (Supporting Actor) there have been just 9 votes (5 of which have gone to Jake, and 1 each to the others). There is a similar poll over at Nate's Film Experience (up for about the same amount of time - four days) and there have been 857 votes so far !!??

I realize he has a bigger following - who knows if anyone is reading my stuff - but 9 to 857 ???!!! So if anyone out there is listening, vote dammit - don't let me look like I have no friends.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Rachel Weisz takes the Cinematheque Oscar Poll victory over Michelle Williams !!

The results are in, and after twenty-six votes, Rachel Weisz beats out Michelle Williams, 42% to 35% (or 11 votes to 9). Amy Adams takes the bronze with 15% (4 votes) and Catherine Keener comes in fourth with 8% (or 2 votes). And poor Frances McDormand comes in last with a big fat 0% (or, for those of you who failed a lot of math classes back in school, 0 votes).

Part 2 of the Oscar Poll is up right now, otherwise known as "Who SHOULD win Best Supporting Actor?". Go over to the site and vote vote vote (actually you can only vote once per computer, but hey...). We only received twenty-six votes for Part 1, so tell all yr friends to vote too, so we can get those totals up. And remember, Part 2 will only be posted until Tuesday Night (whence Part 3 shall commence), so don't dawdle people.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Top 10 Project Updates + some other items on the horizon

New things are afoot over at The Cinematheque.

First: The Top 10 Project - that seemingly defunct little never-ending Film Poll - is back. Six new lists have been added (that's 131 total now) to the "Master List". As of right now, Citizen Kane is leading the Film portion (by 50+ points over 2001: A Space Odyssey) and Alfred Hitchcock is leading the Auteur portion (but by a much smaller margain of nineteen and a half points over Kubrick). You can view all the results (including Top 10 Films and Directors, as well as lists of every film/director voted for, and all the individual lists from all 131 of our contributors - including many a commentary) over on the site, on The Top 10 Project. And if you don't like the results, send in your own list, for the Top 10 Project shall never end. As long as there is Cinema, the Project will carry on.

Second: Speaking of polls - the first part of our Oscar Poll ("Who SHOULD win Best Supporting Actress?") is about to close to make room for part 2 (Supporting Actor), so get your votes in quick, for tomorrow, part 2 will be put up, and you will have lost your chance to participate from the beginning. All results (of all five parts) will be posted both here and on the Oscar Pages over at The Cinematheque. Currently Rachel and Michelle are battling it out for first, with 35% of the votes each, followed by Amy Adams at 20%, Catherine at 10% and poor Frances yet to garner a vote. You can change the course of history by participating, so do it dammit!!!

And don't forget my Oscar Predix will be posted later this month as well as those predix of others near and dear to me (such as my wife, Cinematheque corrospondant Albert H. Muth and Patriot-News Film Critic Li Wang). You can check out the before look HERE, but don't worry, things will be filled in before the Oscars are handed out on March 5th.

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Cinematheque Nominations are finally up !!!

FINALLY -- After weeks of procrastination and slacking, The Second Annual Cinematheque Awards Nominations have been announced. Sorry about the tardiness (I had originally proposed the nominations to be out by January 23rd - aaaahhhhhh!!). But nevertheless, they are up and running over on my site. The big winners? 2046 & Brokeback Mountain.

As for the first of five Oscar Polls over at The Cinematheque ("Who SHOULD win Best Supporting Actress?") : With sixteen votes in, Rachel Weisz is leading with 38%, followed by Amy Adams & Michelle Williams each at 25%. Catherine Keener is at 13%, while Frances McDormond has yet to garner a single vote. Only sixteen people have participated, but there is still time left. Part 2 (Best Supporting Actor) will be posted on Friday, but until then, make sure to vote in Part 1. All results will be posted both here and on my site.

Coming up next: Updates on the Top 10 Project and new reviews galore...

Monday, February 13, 2006

New Oscar Polls at The Cinematheque !!!!!

Over at The Cinematheque, I have begun a web poll that will extend up until Oscar Night. It will be in five parts. Part One will be that burning question - "Who SHOULD win Best Supporting Actress?". This is currently up and running, so get your ass over there and vote. Part Two will be Supporting Actor, followed by Lead Actor, Lead Actress and finally Best Picture itself. Since there are merely twenty days to go until The Oscars, each part will be up for just 4 days each, but I'm sure that's plenty of time for each. Results of each category will be posted both here and on the site.

Have fun kids...

I'm still here...I promise !!

I AM still here.

I've been working on some other projects lately and haven't updated my site ( in a while, but there is some updates to come within the next week, including the final Cinematheque Awards Nominations, Updated Oscar Pages and new reviews for such films as Match Point, Cache, Mrs. Henderson presents and The White Countess.

So stick around and things shall soon pick up...

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Senses of Cinema World Poll 2005

Yes, yes, the damn Cinematheque Nominations are coming - hopefully by Thursday evening (I'm slow, sue me!!).

But in the meantime, check this out. I have been included in Senses of Cinema 2005 World Poll. I almost seem legit now, don't I? And yes, the nominations are coming dammit, stop screaming about it!!!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Cinematheque Nominations are coming...I promise !!!

I am such a procrastinator !!

The Second Annual Cinematheque Award Nominations (originally to be announced on Saturday) are still being worked on (although I am currently on a short break to watch the Super Bowl, or at least the commercials, although I am working while watching a little bit too) and will hopefully be complete later tonight and/or tomorrow night (the latter, I am sure is more accurate). I only have about ten more categories to "fill out" and then all the nominations - 57 categories I believe - will be announced. The Winners will be announced on March 1st, btw.

Stay tuned in...

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Newly Discovered Blog !!

There is a fun Blog I just ran into. It's called Drew's Blog-O-Rama and is repleat with pop-culture/film/TV references + some really funny comic strips (at least I think so), created by the Blogmeister himself, over at Here is his latest (just in time for the Oscar noms), that I hope he doesn't mind me reprinting here. But seriously, head on over to his Blog and take a look at a lot more fun stuff.

In fact, I've decided that each and every week I'm going to promote another Website and/or Blog that I think deserves the recognition. Okay, I suppose I'm giving props to two sites, but they both come from the same fountain source of recognition (what the Hell did that even mean!?). Anyway, this week - to reiterate - is Drew's Blog-O-Rama. Enjoy ya bastards!!

2006: The Films Just Aren't There Yet

I've taken notice recently that I have yet to see a 2006 movie. Sure, I've seen films at last year's festivals that have yet to open theatrically in the US (Tristram Shandy, The Sun, Gabrielle) or have just recently opened (the sadly disappointing Manderlay), and I have three dvd's sitting by my all-region dvd player as we speak (Clean, The Wayward Cloud & Sympathy for Lady Vengeance) that will eventually recieve 2006 US releases, but, as of today, the second of February, on the day of the Groundhog, I have yet to watch an actual 2006 release in a theatre in the year 2006.

This - of course - has a lot to do with the wasted celluloid put up on screens during the Oscar races. Full of mainly crapola that even the studios know won't fly, instead opting to push their respective Oscar nominees. I have gone back and re-viewed some of my favourites from 2005 (The New World & Brokeback Mountain) and caught up on the dvd releases of some films I had missed earlier last year (40 Year Old Virgin, Happy Endings, Grizzly Man), but still nothing from 2006...yet.

I am very interested in Soderbergh's Bubble - released simultaneously in theatres, on dvd and on HDTV cable. Since it's playing no closer than Philadelphia, and I haven't taken a press screening trip down there yet in the new year, I'll watch it on dvd (not the best - it is ALWAYS better to watch a film in a theatre!!). The first theatrical release I am really looking forward to is V for Vendetta - coming out on St. Patrick's Day. It is Number 10 on my Most Anticipated List this year - and is a definate strong contender for next year's Best Poster Design Award at the 3rd Annual Cinematheque Awards. After that will be a barrage of films (Prairie Home Companion, L'Enfant, The Inside Man and such) and I will also be attending the Film Comment Selects Festival at Walter Reade later this month, as well as heading back to Phila for some screenings (maybe I'll catch Bubble there?).

But as far as right now? I am mildly interested in films like Underworld: Evolution and When A Stranger Calls, but mainly for how Kate Beckinsale looks in skin-tight black leather and the total cheese factor, respecively. At this point last year, I had only seen two 2005 releases (White Noise & Elektra) and disliked both - and it wouldn't be until mid-April (just after the Phila. Film Fest) that I was once again going to the theatre to see "new" films on a regular basis. So what will the first one be? I may possibly wait until Firewall - it looks ridiculous but Harrison Ford is still The Man (Han Solo Forever!!!).

Year-in-Advance ???

I was looking at my "Year-in-Advance" predictions just now, and boy did I go wrong. Just like in the rest of my predictions this year 'round, I did worse than last year. Last year I went 8 for 40 in my Year-in-Advancers (not exactly good, but compared to this year...). This year I picked just 2 out of 40 - Brokeback for Screenplay and Phoenix for Actor - although I did have some "close" calls with picks like Russell Crowe, Ziyi Zhang and Walk the Line for BP. A few of my predix were films that ended up being postponed til 2006 (including four of my five Best Supporting Actress choices) - most notably was Benecio Del Toro for Che and several nods for All the King's Men (two films that will find their way onto my 2006 Year-in-Advance Predix when I create that on March 5th). And, with this coming 2006 Oscar Predix, I will go ahead and pick for all the categories instead of just the "Big 8" - well, at least most categories (I think I'll leave the short subjects out until later in the year).

My Prediction Rate for this year is now at 169/297 [or 57%] - up 9% from before the Oscar Nominations were announced, but still 7% below the 64% I was at last year at this point. My final Prediction rate last year (post Oscar Broadcast) was 177/273 [or 65%]. In order to best that this year, I will have to pull off a...well, I can't (mathematically speaking). Even a perfect score on March 5th will only get me to 60% for the year. Ah well, there is always next year - plus I am still planning on defending my title as Oscar Predix Champ at our annual Oscar Party.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Sofia & Kirsten do Marie !!

Just saw the trailer for Sofia Coppola's Marie Antionette (due out in the Fall of 2006). Kirsten Dunst - in period wigs and costumes - dancing about to the music of New Order ("Age of Consent"). It is fantastic that that Coppola set the trailer of an 18th Century biopic to the modernity of New Order. It makes it that much more desirable to see - and it is already number three on my Most Anticipated Films of 2006 List.

And no, the picture isn't from the film, but I liked it and wanted to post it as a sort of teaser for the film.

Oscar Talk...

I was all a bumble yesterday, being all giidy about the Oscar Nominations, that I hardly had time for ye - my public (if there really is anybody out there at all). So, while I sit here in my living room listening to a little Sinatra, I'll run down a few interesting (or not so much so) tidbits about the Oscars.

But first, a little bit of predictive thoughts: As we all know, Brokeback Mountain has been the frontrunner for a while now - but don't tell that to Crash. As BBM should know - and just ask Bugsy, Apollo 13, Shakespeare in Love, Moulin Rouge, The Hours and The Aviator - being the early frontrunner is not necessarily a good thing to be. I think - although I hate to say it - that BBM may now be in trouble from the onslaught of Crash's momentum. We'll see as the next five weeks progress.

And speaking of predictions - I ended up going 71% in my calculations (1% up from last year), but 85% in the "Big 8" categories. Not too shabby I guess.

Didjya know that BBM's league leading 8 nominations is the lowest amount for the top nom-getter since American Beauty did the same in 1999?

Also, with Woody Allen's Best Screenplay nod, he grabs up lifetime nomination #21 (he's won three).

Other interesting tidbits?

This marks the first time since the aforementioned 1999, that all ten screenplays were English-Language. In fact, there is not a single Foreign-Language film nominated outside the (obvious) category of Froeirgn-Language Film.

Then we have the three Animated nominees: The first time since the inception of the category (back in 2001) that there is not a one CG-created movie. 2D, claymation & stop-motion instead. The first time the Academy actually picked the BEST THREE films for nominations. None of that Pixar shit that tries to pull itself off as animated motin picture (although Pixar IS nominated for Best Animated Short).

Although Russell Crowe came up empty-handed yesterday morn (a thing I couldn't be happier about), Heath Ledger's nomination for Best Actor makes this the eleventh consecutive year with at least one Aussie in the acting line-up.

As far as my Oscar Pages go - most are updated, and there will be new items of interest added throughout the month of February, so check back. And don't forget the Oscars are not the only Awards Nominations being announced this week. The Second Annual Cinematheque Award Nominations will be announced on Saturday, February 4th. Stick around folks, cause that ain't the half of it. Coming on March 1st will be the Cinematheque Award Winners (in all 57 categories mind you). In April will be the posting of my Greatest Films List, followed by The Greatest Auteurs in May and the Greatest Actors & Actresses in June, and the ever-popular Top 5 Project will return in July - and never forget about the Top 10 Project - the never-ending Best Films/Directors compilation master list.