Friday, June 16, 2006

Something to chew on !!?

A few weeks back - actually over a month ago - I saw and then reviewed the film Silent Hill. At several points in the review I made mention of how I perceive those "gamers" that the film was styled toward. It wasn't exactly a glowing perception, in fact what I said was:

Silent Hill is just about everything one might expect from a movie based upon a video game - a style over substance exuberance fit perfectly for the rather philistine mindset of those who typically play video games - and I am sure the genre itself would not allow anything else. Silent Hill also fits in perfectly typical Christophe Gans style - as in his previous film, Le Pacte des loups (Brotherhood of the Wolf) - all guts and no glory - a visually stylized slap in the face with no real meaning or essentiality behind said slap.

I also said, in closing:

Never understanding people's fascination with video games - I realize I don't enjoy mindless entertainment, but I can never fathom why others do - I suppose I'll never truly be enthralled by things such as Silent Hill, and that is just alright with me.

I never said I wasn't a pompous ass.

Anyway, I had gotten a short e-mail response to said review, which I will reveal here (name of author removed to protect the innocent (or guilty)):

I'm not exactly sure what type of interaction you have with individuals that identify themselves as "gamers" but being a person who regularly plays video games and regularly talks with other "gamers" I find that most are not typically smug or ignorant, at least no more than those who watch film. Despite that small gripe with your Silent Hill review I enjoyed reading it along with your other reviews. I'm also interested in seeing what films you select for your greatest films section. Hopefully it doesn't disappoint. ;)

Anway, I have no particular reason for showing this - I have no beef with the remark - I just thought it should be chronicled for any possible future archivist to easily unearth and put into The Collected Works of Kevyn Knox, Volume 3: Critiques of the Critiques.

I told you I was a pompous ass.


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At 10:59 PM, Blogger Mr. Mojo Rising said...

Stop spamming the film genius, motherfuckers!

Please proceed, Kevin.


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