Monday, March 06, 2006

It's not that bad guys...

Here is what Ann Coulter - that leggy Right-Wing Skank - said about what some are calling "Black Sunday" (Oscar Night):

the snub of Brokeback and failure to award the suicide bombers' film an Oscar "a strategic retreat" by the left, and something normal Americans should find heartening.

Sure, some of the more conservative fuddy duddy's of The Academy may have voted a "straight" party line ticket, but I honestly do not think Brokeback's loss was due to anti-homosexual feelings in Hollywood. Crash was about L.A. The vast majority of AMPAS members live in and around L.A. Simple as that.

There are those (like the aforementioned Ms. Coulter) that believe Gayness to be a sentient form of evil, and there are those that make a joke out of Brokeback Mountain (even Heath Ledger has guffawed and giggled at the film) when making a joke about films such as Schindler's List and/or Do The Right Thing would have been (rightfully so) construed as racist, and there is a lot of backwards sliding going on after eight years of forward thinking (aka: the Clinton Years), but Crash's victory is most likely nothing more than The Academy having bad taste (although I liked the film, but only mildly). The Oscar rarely goes to the actual best picture. You have to go back to 1978 and The Deer Hunter to find the last time the Oscar went to the film I actually thought was the best of the five nominees.

In conclusion - and then we can all go on to the future - I will say that obvious Homophobia did play a part in Crash's victory (never has such a runaway frontrunner not won), it's not the only factor. Let's all get the fuck over it and move the fuck on !!!

Next up for me? My long-awaited and greatly procrastinated Greatest Films List will find it's way to The Cinematheque this coming Summer, but first I am going back and taking second looks at most of the films I think belong in such a grandiose list, as well as seeing those films I have yet to see (that any self-respecting Cinephile needs to see). All this will be done on my new LCD widescreen TV of course. But not to worry, I will still be doing reviews of the latest releases (a thing I have been sorely lackadaisical about as of late). Also The Top 10 Project keeps going, so join in on that if you so wish, and I'll see you later.


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